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A Herbst Poem - poem by Dan Riley

I walked with a man with a walking stick hand,
a suitcase for eyeballs and a sock full of sand.
Drank tea in a cave by a cherry stone laith,
played chequers with adders,
hammers and spanners.
Crooned for the crows by a pile of old bones
ate daisies and snails ‘til the cattle came home.
Passed poitín and crusts while the early birds cussed
at the shuffling of shadows as dawn replaced dusk.
Talked physics and maths with a brushed-steel staff
which was ironing feathers in the shape of a giraffe.
Brewed beer and pressed wine with a herring-bone spine
that would try to swim free like a fish on a line.
Caught sugar-soap flies and dripped wax in their eyes
watched the chaos of blindness trying once more to fly.
Sang shanties from Sicily, whipped djembes with canes
as the summoning of spirits became a parade.
Awoke to the bitterness of dew in our beards
and the fire long since finished
that's enough for this year...

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