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Bart Graft Eighties, Synth Music Band Profile


Irish Music Producer specializing in the Retro Revival.



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Comrade Hat - pop, folk, psych, lounge, prog, other, Music Band Profile

Comrade Hat Music Band Profile


Comrade Hat is multifaceted musician Neil Burns. With a background in Classical composition and jazz piano, he remains active in both fields. As Comrade Hat, however, he pursues his song-writing muse in a variety of often surprising ways. A prolific artist whose work spans jazzy acoustics and atmospheric electronic pop, his singular vision has earned him a growing reputation for quietly ambitious music.

He first came to the attention of many with the EP...

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The Donegal Mafia - Folk, Punk Music Band Profile

The Donegal Mafia -  Music Band Profile


Say nothin to nobody about nothin til ye hear more. The Donegal Mafia, mysterious hoors from Ireland, singin' punk folky shite.

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Evil Hand, Experimental Music Band Profile

Evil Hand Music Band Profile


Evil Hand has been recording and producing music since the late 90s, previously playing with Genaro (Benbecula Records) and more recently with Bottle of Evil (Nae Records).

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