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Expunged from Collective Memory by David King


Expunged from Collective Memory by David King


Short Film


David King


Winner of the Best Editor and Best Music awards at the 2017 Hell Chess Film Festival in Madrid, Spain, “Expunged from Collective Memory” explores the inhumanity of oppression—and the echoes of its past iterations—through a series of rapidly shifting, unsettling visual parables.

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ENNUI by Craig Podmore


ENNUI by Craig Podmore


Short Film


Craig Podmore


ENNUI is an experimental short film that explores the inner depths of the feeling of ENNUI or, to put it simply, existential dread. The film channels the sensation of ENNUI through raw, nightmarish and transgressive imagery.

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Dead Red Shoe - Poetry video by Jim Ferguson


Dead Red Shoe by Jim Ferguson




Jim Ferguson


A poetry/film mash-up by Scottish poet Jim Ferguson.

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Spudgun - Crayons


Spudgun Profile


Music Video

Psychedelic/Space Goo



Music Video for “Crayons” by Spudgun.

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